Jessi Cox

The governing board is responsible for:

  • Determining long-term strategic direction
  • Meeting commitments to the state and taxpayers (Fiscal, Testing, Enrollment, etc)

The Director is responsible for staffing and the operation of the school. She reports to the board who provides oversight and direction.

Much of the work done by the board is accomplished via committees chaired by members of the board. These committees are made up of parents and staff members and provide recommendations to the board on what policies and changes to implement. If you are interested in helping steer the direction of the school, volunteering for one of these committees is a great way to do so.

There is a short time for public comments in all of our meetings. By necessity, that time is quite limited so if you need more time please email the chair to request to be added to the meeting agenda for the following month. You can also email feedback related to the board or the direction of the school. Those emails will be shared with the entire board before the following meeting. Please let the chair know if you wish that feedback to remain anonymous.

The board meets regularly. The meeting schedule can be found here.

USBE Audit Hotline is (801)538-7813

Applications for board members are being accepted. The application form: Board Application – Download.