Mountain View Montessori Academy (MVM) is a K-7 charter school in Washington City, Utah. Our primary focus is making a free Montessori Education available to as many children in Washington County as possible.


The Founding Board of MVM started as the shared interests of parents whose children attended the private Dayspring Montessori Educational Center (DMEC) and as a passion to support the Montessori approach and place a high value on choice and affordability in education.  Based on the successes seen in their children attending DMEC, the goal of the members of the Founding Board was to extend these opportunities to greater numbers by making an authentic Montessori-based education more widely available in the larger community. Following thoughtful consideration, it was determined that the charter school model is the ideal choice to accomplish this goal.


The learning environment of MVM is based on the Montessori philosophy because of its emphasis on the development of the whole child. Maria Montessori recognized that children have an innate desire to learn and, given the proper environment, will thrive intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically.  This “prepared environment,” as Dr. Montessori termed it, includes not only the classroom with its materials and authentically trained teachers, but also a social setting and atmosphere where children can reach their fullest potential.  MVM is open to all eligible students, and proudly adopts an educational approach that specifically addresses the community’s diversity to ensure that, truly, no child will be left behind.


At MVM, our vision is to awaken within each child his or her unique potential that will enable them to make a valuable contribution to society.

The MVM charter document defines the focus and identity of our school.

MVM Charter Document

MVM is chartered through the Utah State Charter school Board.
MVM Charter Agreement & Exhibit A
MVM Articles of Incorporation
MVM By-Laws