The Utah State Board of Education and the Utah  State Charter School Board have created procedures for students to enter and exit a charter school. These rules can be read in full here.  Some applicable highlights are below

Transferring to a Charter School

  • Standard application forms must be used as prescribed by the State Board of Education. [53A-1a-506.5(2)(b)(ii)]
  • An offer of admission must be in writing to a parent/guardian. [53A-1a-506.5(2)(b)(iii)]
  • Parents/guardians must respond to the offer of admission in writing. [53A-1a-506.5(2)(b)(iv)]
  • The school district (or charter school) of residence must be informed, in writing, when a student has been accepted for admission. [53A-1a-506.5(2)(b)(v)]
  • Students who require protection for health or safety reasons shall be admitted so long as that student’s admission does not “disqualify” the charter school from federal funding. [53A-1a-506.5(2)(b)(vi)(A)]
  • Students shall be admitted as long as that student’s admission does not “disqualify” the charter school from federal funding when special conditions exist. [53A-1a-506.5(2)(b)(vi)(B)]
  • The parent/guardian shall not duplicate enrollment for a student who has accepted enrollment at another school. [53A-1a-506.5(2)(c)]

Withdrawing from a Charter School

  •  A notice of intent to enroll the student in a district school the following school year. Notice of intent to enroll must be filed on or before June 30. [53A-1a-506.5(3)(a)]
  •  A letter of acceptance of enrollment from a school district. Letter of acceptance must be provided after June 30. [53A-1a-506.5(3)(b)]
  •  For a current year transfer, a letter of acceptance from the resident school district. [53A-1a-506.5(3)(c)]
  •  An acceptance letter from a nonresident school district. [53A-1a-506.5(3)(d)]
  •  An acceptance letter from another charter school. [53A-1a-506.5(3)(e)]
  • A charter school student may be withdrawn from a charter school for the following school year if a parent/guardian applies at the district by June 30. [53A-1a-506.5(7)(a)]
  • When a parent/guardian of a charter school student applies for enrollment after June 30 in a district school for the following school year (or applies during the current school year), the student may enroll based upon the district school’s “adequate capacity.” Elementary students by grade level. And, secondary students by core classes availability. [53A-1a-506.5(7)(b)(i-ii)]
  • The state Board of Education will determine what the definition of “adequate capacity” is. [53A-1a-506.5(4)(c)]
  • If a student’s health and safety are under consideration, a school district may enroll a withdrawn charter school student “at any time.” [53A-1a-506.5(8)]