Fund Raising Opportunities

Amazon Affiliate Program
  • Make your Amazon purchases through the link on the DMA website. DMA will receive up to8% of all purchases made through the link. Encourage friends and family to order through our link below.
  • Sign up for a free Kindle Account. DMA will receive $1 for every Kindle account that is initiated through our link below.
  • Sign up for an Amazon Prime Trial. DMA will receive $2 for every Amazon Prime Trial initiated through our link below.
Click AD to Support DMA! –


Target Take Charge of Education

If you have or sign up for a Target Red Card (Visa or Debit) you can contribute to DMA. You receive 5% off all of your purchases in store and online. DMA receives 1% of all your purchases. Here is the link to sign up: Our School ID is 153777.


Box Tops

Bring in those Box Tops! 10 cents per box top might seem small but it adds up when everyone is

collecting. Every little bit helps!


Dixie Direct Cards
Purchase a Dixie Direct Card through DMA. We will be selling 2016 – 2017 Dixie Direct Cards.

This has the potential to be a HUGE money maker for our school. DMA receives 50% of all sales which is $17.50 per card! We will have order forms available for a month long period starting in October. Purchased Cards will then be sent home mid-November.


Go Fund Me
A Go Fund Me Account has been set up and can take any donations anyone is willing to make.